"I would say it’s a pretty decent length. It’s not Skyrim, but it’s not three hours, or anything like that," said lead designer David Goldfarb. Inquiring as to Battlefield 3's campaign length as opposed to market competitor Modern Warfare 2's 5-hour campaign, Goldfarb responded:  "I’d say it was probably slightly more than that. Based on our play-times it’s probably more than that, but it’s not twice as long. But, again, we’ll see. When you play it on hard difficulty, it’ll take a lot more time."

"It’s all about making sure the experience is as awesome as possible. "I’d rather have six hours of awesome than 12 hours of ‘meh’."

Goldfarb also fielded more expected inquiries, such as whether or not DICE would seek to one-up Infinity Ward's more explosive Modern Warfare moments ("We aren’t doing that. It’s not about the competition.") and how the experience would play in relation to varying game modes. Check out the whole interview at VG247.