Eyebrow Interactive has taken to the PlayStation Blog overnight to announce Closure, a brand new puzzle platformer with a strikingly simplistic visual style.

But the game's aesthetic is not just window dressing, it actually plays host to a refreshing mechanic. Like in Sony's echochrome ii, appearances can be deceptive. In Closure, any object plunged into darkness does not exist at all. This allows the protagonist to manipulate light and darkness in order to progress. For example, say you need to jump through a wall. If its not illuminated, then our hero can dash right through it as though it isn't there. It's a simple mechanic, but the potential for head-ache inducing puzzles is high.

Closure actually started life as a simplistic browser-based title way back in 2009, but has been completely rebuilt for PlayStation 3, with over 100 puzzles, multiple characters and all new hand-drawn art.

The game's making its debut at PAX this weekend. If you're not attending the convention, then at least check out the trailer after the jump.