While Sony's estimates for the fiscal year stuck at 15 million units, hardware was actually down for the first quarter by 600,000 units. To us, this says price-drop.

Officially, Sony sold 1.8 million PlayStation 3's last quarter, putting the system's global hardware tally up to a respectable 51.8 million.

PlayStation 3 hardware was up on previous years, managing 26.1 million units compared to last year's 24.8 million. PSP hardware was also up for the quarter, though the number was a lowly 1.8 million. PSP software on the other hand showed the signs of an impending death, managing just 6.6 million units down from 9.2 million the previous year.

PlayStation 2 continued its steady decline, but still managed to ship an amazing 1.4 million consoles. PS2 software dipped dramatically however, down to just 1.5 million units.

That PlayStation 3 price-cut looks pretty obvious from where we're sitting though, and that's the big take-away. Bring on GamesCom.