Instead we've got a zinger of a rumour from DigiTimes, speculating that the PlayStation 4 will launch as soon as next year.

The report mentions that Sony will begin production of its new system at the end of the year, for release in 2012. With PlayStation Vita production supposedly going into overdrive as we type, we're not sure we can get behind the rumour too much. The source is not beating around the bush though, stating that around 20 million systems will be shipped at launch.

The website also claims that the system will include "body movement-based control" similar to that of Microsoft's Kinect.

We're not sure how we'd feel about a 2012 release of the PlayStation 4. It would obviously stomp all over Nintendo's parade with the Wii U, but we're not convinced the story itself is particularly believable. File this under "wait and see" for now.