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Combat Wings is Move's Second World War II Plane Game

Posted by James Newton

We sense a pattern

You wait ages for one PlayStation Move aerial dogfighting game based on the Second World War, then another one pops up just after. Typical.

After the not-bad Air Conflicts: Secret Wars comes City Interactive's Combat Wings: The Great Battles of WWII, a game aiming for an arcade-style experience with emphasis on action as well as authenticity.

We don't know much about the game's Move controls other than this little snippet from the announcement:

Combat Wings fully supports PS Move for PlayStation 3 and allows for fluid, intuitive motion control to place the player right into the heart of the action.

Whether that means flight stick-style controls like Air Conflicts or something different, we're not quite sure. The game's due out in September, so hopefully we'll know before then.

Combat Wings: The Great Battles of WWII


Piloting a wide range of aircraft, players engage in aerial dog fights and dangerous fighter missions across the major theaters of war during WWII. Featuring realistic aircraft and an unprecedented multiplayer experience, Combat Wings: The Great Battles of WWII introduces cutting-edge multiplayer features allowing players to challenge each other in different multiplayer modes, including Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Racing, Team Racing, Bomb-Target Hunting, Mission Survival and Fleet Escorting.

Triple A: Aerial Arcade Authenticity
Pick-up-and-playability. Explosive arcade action alongside advanced physics and painstaking recreation of actual events and aircraft creates an experience that’s easily accessible but hard to master;
All aircraft are based on authentic models and all combat missions are representative of actual WWII engagements;
Accessible behind-the-aircraft view means the gameis not a sterile simulation, but an advanced air combat arcade shooter;
Fun, dynamic battles offer a wide variety of action and most importantly targets to destroy – any given battle will combine dogfighting, escort missions and ground assault;
Multiplayer aerial deathmatch provides players the chance to test their mettle against human opponents;
Single-player game modes include Free Flight where players can choose a plane and roam over faithfully created environments, and Dogfight where players can pit their wits against up to nine AI-controlled opponents.

Innovative Story Arc
Combat Wings: The Great Battles of WWII weaves a compelling narrative into action taken from the pages of history, pitting pilots against massive odds in some of the most iconic battles of the age.
Each of the four campaigns introduces multiple characters – both on your side and the enemy’s – creating the ties that help you fight for your comrades, and the added incentive to hunt down your foes.

Battle Of Britain
Fresh from training, you have arrived at an airfield on the coast of England in time for the epic showdown with the Luftwaffe during the Battle Of Britain. Together with your wingmen, you will rise through the ranks by defeating relentless German bomber raids and terrifying V-1 flying rockets.

North Africa
Playing as a veteran, you and you two wingmen will fight above the desert of North Africa, supporting the British Eighth Army in its conflict with the Afrika Korps. The trio will encounter fierce dogfights over besieged Tobruk, sink German convoys on the Mediterranean Sea, and support Montgomery’s armored offensive at El Alamein.

The Eastern Front
As a young Soviet pilot you will help halt the Nazi invasion of your homeland during the desperate defense of Mother Russia. As you prove your skills in the cockpit, you will experience the turning of the tide and soon will be taking part in the final push to Berlin.

The Pacific
Arriving at Midway Atoll immediately before the Japanese attack, you will be thrust straight into the action as you attempt to fend off the might of the Imperial Japanese Navy and its fearsome carrier air wing. With your wingmen, you’ll fight savage dogfights and take part in devastating assaults on the fleet.

Combat Wings fully supports PS Move for PlayStation 3 and allows for fluid, intuitive motion control to place the player right into the heart of the action.

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Waggler said:

Good! (And great find!)

Going by the press release tho, the game seems to be due for September 2012. Yes, next year.

A typo perhaps?



James said:

@Waggler I got the impression from my guy at City that the game was due later this year, but perhaps he meant the Wii version? I'll clarify anyway

Update: According to City all versions will be out this year, and they're hoping for a simultaneous release on all formats



Slapshot said:

Great news! Hopefully Namco Bandai will jump on-board the Move wagon and put Move into the Ace Combat series as well.

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