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Capcom Excited About Cole MacGrath's Inclusion In Street Fighter X Tekken

Posted by Sammy Barker

inFamous protagonist Cole MacGrath's inclusion in Street Fighter X Tekken was announced at this year's E3 for both the PlayStation 3 and Vita versions of the cross-over brawler

Following up the announcement, Capcom's Seth Killian has told Siliconera that the "timing was right" for the inclusion and that the publisher is "excited" about the exclusive character.

“Discussions between Sony and Capcom came to [the decision to feature Cole as an exclusive]. They were looking for a character and Capcom got excited about Cole,” Seth told Siliconera.

“It seemed like the timing was about right with inFamous 2 coming out around this time and it seemed a character that had a lots of possibilities, in terms of gameplay.

“Obviously, there is a big range of moves and I think we fell in love with the electric tornado like everyone else should [have]. There was his shockwave in inFamous 2 and we liked that, as well.”

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