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Try Out Virtua Tennis 4's Move Controls for Free on PSN

Posted by James Newton

Demo to hit the net

It's Wimbledon time, which means many gamers will be wanting to pick up a virtual racquet and pretend they're Rafael Nadal. PlayStation 3 owners keen to get a Move on in the sport will likely be torn between Top Spin 4 and Virtua Tennis 4, but one deciding factor might be the free Move-enabled demo of VT4 that's coming to PSN tomorrow.

If you're still not sure whether to go for 2K's effort or SEGA's arcade-styled take on the sport, our Virtua Tennis 4 review contrasted with our Top Spin 4 review should help you to make up your mind.


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dmmp1234 said:

In your opinion what game does a better job/implementation of the Actual Move Controls?



James said:

For me, the Move controls in VT4 are better, it's just a shame you can only use them in exhibition matches. Top Spin 4 features far more uses for the controls, they're just not as good. Neither is perfect, but Move-wise VT4 has the edge for my money.



cgc76 said:

I wish they can sell this part of VT4 as a standalone mini game at PSN. This is the only part of VT4 I would see myself playing.

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