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This Custom Painted Sharp Shooter is Pretty Sweet

Posted by James Newton

Beats red, anyway

The PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter is available in two different colours: red in Europe, off-white in North America. Neither looks very much like a gun, which is why enterprising Joe Cosentino decided to take matters — and a paintbrush — into his own hands.

His custom-painted Sharp Shooter complete with unique grips is one of the coolest PlayStation Move accessories we've seen so far, along with Kussuth's home made Sharp Shooter. It's amazing how much better things look with a new coat of paint and some leather.

If you've created or amended anything for your PlayStation Move, be sure to let us know — use the Contact form to get in touch.

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Doctor-J said:

AWESOME, the guy who made this should have recorded everything on video, it would be soo cool to watch all the steps!

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