Maybe it was the way that Rapture gripped us from beginning to end in the original BioShock, or maybe it was the way the game created such a surreal alternate lifestyle in the underwater city that it almost seemed like it could actually be lying in wait somewhere in the ocean depths. Today we grasp at every morsel of information we can find about Infinite, if only just to learn a bit more about this new world in the BioShock series; Columbia.

With BioShock Infinite’s release moving ever so slightly closer, series creator Ken Levine has put together a new developer diary that shows a surprising new gameplay element called ‘tearing’, and it’s already looking to bring a new level of mystery and depth to the game. Silhouettes of other worlds known as ‘tears’ appear in Columbia and the mysterious lead character Elizabeth can manipulate these worlds together, and what better way for us to get you to understand how exactly this happens than to let you see for yourself in the video below:

In case you haven’t been keeping up with the game already – shame on you – Infinite also has a very exciting way of getting around the floating world of Columbia; Sky-Lines. These Sky-Lines are not unlike rollercoasters, and run all through the city for transportation and sometimes even combat. The way the Sky-Lines are used for travel in Infinite just has to be seen to be believed, and the developer diary below not only features excellent footage of the Sky-Lines in use, but also gives a peek into Levine’s mind on their creation as well.

Stay tuned for more BioShock Infinite info as it tears through the internet waves, and to ease the anxiety of waiting for the next morsel to break through, check out the handful of other BioShock Infinite YouTube videos while you wait.