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PlayStation Store is Back Online

Posted by James Newton

Throw your caps in the air

It's taken 43 days to come back, but the PlayStation Store is finally available again in North America, Europe and most Asian territories.

While the Welcome Back content isn't available yet, the store has been updated with stacks of new content, so have a browse through and see what's available.

What will you buy now the shop is back online?


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King_Boo said:

just got an error code, so it's not up yet, but I'll check what's new before I download my free games



danschemen said:

i think it's up where i am but i havn't checked today, i'm pretty sure sony lied about the free games. or they just don't care about us and the fact that we waited 3 weeks for the psn to come up and over a month for the store to come back up. but i'm not sure

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