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Medieval Moves: Deadmund's Quest Trailer Rattles Them Bones

Posted by James Newton

Beep beep, ribby ribby

Zindagi Games' next title after the top notch Sports Champions isn't the expected sequel: instead it's the co-operative adventure Medieval Moves: Deadmund's Quest, and here's the first trailer.

Expect to see Deadmund making his rib-tickling appearance on PlayStation 3 later in the year.

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RipVoid said:

Is this game on rails? Or are you free to move around the world?



James said:

Not sure really, none of them are using Navigation controllers and the press release mentions multiple pathways. We'll look into it!



Doctor-J said:

I loved the way they used sports champions gladiator in this game, i'm just concerned about the movement, if they used a system like in "The fight lights out" this will be worthless, i hated the movement in "the figtht" you just cant feel natural and all the time when you have to move you are knocked to the ground.
I Hope they invented something more solid, maybe a system where you hold trigger to walk and point the way you wanna go, and the camera turns when you hit the deadzone limit, what you guys think?



GoldenCannon said:

This game looks very promising, coming from the Sports Champion developer, I'm sure this game will be implemented with the Move perfectly.

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