The pack — which will include new trophies — is said to be Media Molecule's biggest DLC expansion yet, and as such doesn't have a firm release date as of yet. The studio's targeting an end of Summer launch though. New features include new level creation tools such as the Manipulator, Moveinator, and Move Cursor; all of which allow you to take advantage of the PlayStation Move controller in your levels. Perhaps most exciting are the Move Recorder and Sticker Creator functions. The former allows you to add realistic behaviour to any object, improving on LBP2's "Act" function, while the latter is a full-blown Sticker Creator where the Move controller becomes a paint-brush. Oh-hoh.

The PlayStation Move pack will come with a set of new Media Molecule created levels and mini-games too. Sounds like the full-works, huh?

There's more information on the PlayStation Blog.