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Little Deviants Trailer Rolls Into View

Posted by Patrick Elliot

They better not say "Bwahhh!"

Is it just us, or do the small, zany characters that make up Little Deviants look to be a bit, shall we say "inspired" by Ubisoft's Raving Rabbids?

Like the Rabbids, these petite rapscallions communicate only with grunts and groans, and are always up to mischief.
"Little Deviants are causing chaos everywhere" the new trailer warns, which only helps the argument by displaying the bevy of minigames you'll be playing with the Deviants.

Unlike the Rabbids however, Deviants forgo bipedal transportation completely, choosing instead to roll their way around the game world. This is done by using the rear touch pad, as hills can be raised into levels and moved around to help the Deviants roll about.

You be the judge:

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Corbs said:

Now here's a game that has me excited after playing it. Some very cool uses of the PSVita hardware and pretty funny too.



hamispink said:

I really would want a game like this to show me the ropes with the new play mechanics, but I don't know if I would be willing to pay full price for this. if they made it a discount $20 release like locoroco (which I REALLY hope finds it way onto the vita) or patapon then I definitely would be all over this



J-Forest-Esq said:

Oh, I thought this was solely a platformer, not a mini-game collection. A bit disappointing really.



gustave154 said:

This game looks really fun and interesting! Hope Sony bundles up the game with the PS Vita =)

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