Ken Levine is the mastermind behind the world heralded by gamers across the world known simply as ‘Rapture’ in the BioShock series. Stepping into the dark undersea city of Rapture for the first time was truly a moment that we’ll never forget; inhabitant’s that utilise strange powers, Big Daddies and Little Sisters, political idealism, scientific advancements gone wrong, mind-numbing storyline that kept us guessing until the dramatic conclusion, etc. created an alternate reality that brought the world to life in ways that few games before it have.

The upcoming BioShock Infinite title isn’t set in Rapture, instead it's set in a city that literally floats in the sky known as Columbia. Little is known about this mysterious floating city, but the city obviously is heavily influenced by the United States Revolutionary periods in history. American flags drape the city and early 1900’s era music fills the streets, but why would that be if the city has separated itself from the country by taking flight? The bright colours and lively music are just trickery, because there is something wrong here, and it’s quickly seen with the inhabitants, as again it seems that some are using some sort of power. BioShock: Infinite isn’t set in Rapture, Columbia is looking to be just as captivating as Rapture before it, and the question that remains is this; are they somehow connected?

Despite Ken Levine saying Move would 'cheat' gamers, Levine himself presented the upcoming BioShock Infinite in Sony’s 2011 E3 Presentation and even announced that PlayStation Move would be usable in the title as well, with new ways to interact with the environment with Move, exclusive to PlayStation 3.

We can’t wait to step into Columbia with PlayStation Move in hand, and stay tuned right here for any new BioShock: Infinite details as soon as they arrive.