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Sony's E3 2011 Event Lasts Five Hours

Posted by James Newton

One big party

We're under two weeks away from Sony's E3 press conference now, and those expecting a short in-and-out affair might be surprised that the event is set to last five hours.

The actual announcements will likely come in the initial 'media briefing', expected to last an hour and a half or so, with a mysterious 'special event' following on. This could be anything from a hands-on tour of new hardware to an enormous party, but it's firmly under wraps for the time being.

What do you think this mysterious event could contain? Will Sony Move gamers again at E3 2011? Stick with the Movemodo team and we'll keep you informed.

The event kicks off on Monday 6th June at 5pm Pacific Time (1am Tuesday 7th June UK time).


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turtlelink said:

3 hours on apologizing for PSN, 1 hour of sales stuff, 30 minutes of boring talk, and 30 minutes of new games. Called it!



EdEN said:

That's a tad too long. 3 Hours? Sure. 4 hours? Mmm, you would have to go on and on with surprise AAA announcement after AAA after AAA. 5 hours? No thanks. I'll read what happened afterwards.



SilentJ said:

Yeah, 5 hours seems a bit excessive. I just hope every minute of it is filled with nothing but pure gaming awesomeness!

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