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Sony Patent Could Bring Move Support to Portable Consoles

Posted by James Newton

NGP or PSP support rumoured

If you've got a PSP 3000 or PSP Go you can already use your DualShock controller to control the games, but for games where you need to get a bit more physical, this newly unearthed patent might interest you.

Filed by Sony back in 2009, the patent clearly shows two motion controllers used to orchestrate the action on a portable games console. "How would this work? I only have two hands," you say. That's the clever part.

The console — either PSP or the upcoming NGP — would sit inside a specially constructed stand, which not only would communicate with the Move motion controller but also rotate to track the player around the room, not unlike Kinect for Xbox 360.

The stand would include a camera and depth-imaging camera, not unlike the current PlayStation Eye, which would allow Move to function on a handheld much as it does on PS3.

Of course this is only a patent application and not necessarily an indication of what will actually happen, but it's certainly intriguing, especially as NGP is PlayStation Move on the go.


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bboy2970 said:

This seems a little clunky and silly. Cool I guess but not practical at all...



SilentJ said:

Sounds cool if they can pull it off but I doubt we really need Move controls for portables.

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