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Prepare for Travis's Touchdown with No More Heroes Trailer

Posted by James Newton

Definitely not for kids

No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise is coming to Europe next week, and Konami wants to get you better acquainted with series hero Travis Touchdown by publishing a new trailer.

The new PS3 version has been awarded an 18 rating thanks to its inclusion of blood, as well as plenty of swearing and over-the-top violence, as is made quite clear in the trailer below.

On top of the updated graphics and PlayStation Move controls, the game will also feature new modes not seen in the original No More Heroes on Wii, including Boss Challenge and cut-scene gallery Viewer Mode.

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odd69 said:

Very nice, i wonder if the extras are worth rebuying it again. I'll wait for the review to see for sure



grenworthshero said:

Holy balls, I was seriously just looking up information on this game for the past hour and I completely forgot about Movemodo. I can't wait for this one, since NMH is one of my favorite games ever. To save everyone else the trouble of searching for info, if you didn't know, Heroes' Paradise is the same game as the upcoming No More Heroes: Red Zone in Japan. Japan's Edition of Heroes' Paradise does not have blood, and the boss rush modes and a few other extras are not included.

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