The confirmation supports comments reported by MoveModo earlier in the month.

We've also been told to expect stereoscopic 3D support in the PlayStation 3 version of the game. An Ubisoft representative told us that the game is a "natural fit" for the technology and that it looks "incredible" in action — especially when coupled with the enhanced interactivity of the Move.

Producer Tetsuya Mizuguchi recently hinted at PlayStation Move and 3D support for Child Of Eden, but stopped short of confirming anything. He told a BAFTA audience: "I'm really very interested in Move and 3D, but all I can say is 'not yet'."

Pushing for a release date, Ubisoft told us to expect the PlayStation 3 version of Child Of Eden about "four to six weeks after the XBOX 360 release". While the representative wouldn't give us any specifics on the reason behind the delay, it's sounding like the issue is financial rather than technical. We were told that Microsoft intend to put a lot of resources behind the title. Presumably those "resources" include keeping it off the PS3 for a month or so.