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Move Outsells Kinect in Japan but Fails to Ignite Sales Charts

Posted by James Newton

170,000 sold and climbing

It's not easy to get concrete sales figures for peripherals in most territories, but Japanese firm Media Create has released life-to-date figures for PlayStation Move and its motion rival Kinect for Xbox 360, showing Sony's device has taken a clear lead.

Andriasang reports that Sony has sold 170,000 Move controllers since launch, nearly doubling Kinect's 90,000 units. Both figures include bundles such as the PlayStation Move Starter Pack.

Considering the estimated 6.3m PS3s sold in Japan since launch, sales figures of 170,000 seem rather paltry: by contrast, there are estimated to be just 1.5m Xbox 360s in the territory.

While 6% of Xbox 360 owners picked up Kinect, just 2.7% of PS3 owners have bought a Move controller for their console, potentially even lower if factoring in customers buying several controllers for multiplayer. Hopefully one of the PlayStation Move games coming soon can capture Japan's interest after this underwhelming start.


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turtlelink said:

Pretty disappointing sales. Especially compared to the other sales I have seen recently.



autogolazzo said:

Bad news for Move fans. Its bad enough that developers are doing a half-a$$ed job in providing Move support for games with some rare exceptions (Killzone and SOCOM come to mind and even they are best played with a THIRD controller: Move, Nav, Gun). But what kind of support are you going to find now that developers are sensing that such a small percentage of gamers will ever play the games that they develop with the Move.

Too bad. Well, We'll always have our Sports Champions and The Fight, Lights Out.



Slapshot said:

@autogolazzo.... I wouldn't be too quick to dismiss Move so quickly. There have been many good Move game that are always looked over so quickly: Auditorium HD, Tumble, Swords and Soldiers, Beat Sketcher, echochrome ii, Dead Space Extraction, etc.

Also look at the upcoming games: SOCOM 4, Child of Eden, Oddworld Strangers Wratch, No More Heroes Paradise, etc.

There is a lot of great titles already available and upcoming, and there is no telling home many Indy Developers are quietly working on Move games right now.



dmmp1234 said:

Prostrokes controls also set a new standard for Motion Controlled golf! They are coming out with another one too. (vastly improved)

Let's not forget about Sorcery....

Including developers are just beginning to work with the Move, so just like Wii did as time goes on problems will be fixed and the games will get superior to past ones!



NathanUC said:

I honestly feel it's because even the games with good support (mainly killzone 3 and socom 4), they are still easier and in general more fun for most people with a standard dual shock.

We need to see some games that really take advantage of it and give benefits over the dualshock. Some type of rpg that REALLY uses the Move is needed I feel. There's a lot you can do with the Move that you can't do with a controller, but most games have yet to take advantage of that. I feel only the PSN titles have put in solid Move support so far.

How about a Thief: Deadly Shadows Move style game



Malvadeza said:

This is just disappointing. I am hoping on Sorcery now... Only Good games can change that number.

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