It's not easy to get concrete sales figures for peripherals in most territories, but Japanese firm Media Create has released life-to-date figures for PlayStation Move and its motion rival Kinect for Xbox 360, showing Sony's device has taken a clear lead.

Andriasang reports that Sony has sold 170,000 Move controllers since launch, nearly doubling Kinect's 90,000 units. Both figures include bundles such as the PlayStation Move Starter Pack.

Considering the estimated 6.3m PS3s sold in Japan since launch, sales figures of 170,000 seem rather paltry: by contrast, there are estimated to be just 1.5m Xbox 360s in the territory.

While 6% of Xbox 360 owners picked up Kinect, just 2.7% of PS3 owners have bought a Move controller for their console, potentially even lower if factoring in customers buying several controllers for multiplayer. Hopefully one of the PlayStation Move games coming soon can capture Japan's interest after this underwhelming start.