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Child of Eden Will be Playable with PlayStation Move

Posted by James Newton

Finally, a confirmation

The ongoing Child of Eden PlayStation Move debate has been bubbling away since the game's first showing in 2010. Recently we reported a rumour that Child of Eden was coming to PlayStation Move, and now we've heard word from Ubisoft that yes, the motion controller is supported.

The Ubisoft representative we spoke to couldn't go into more detail about how the controller would work in-game, but we assume the cursor will tag targets, with a button-press to let loose a shot.

Of all the footage revealed for the game so far, most has been taken from Child of Eden for Kinect, causing some conspiracy theorists to suggest Microsoft is backing the game's publicity campaign. While this is highly unlikely, at least we now know the game will definitely function with PlayStation Move, so the rejoicing can commence.

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Slapshot said:

I think the question is, how can you not be excited about this? Unless someone doesn't know what this game is, and even better, not know what it's spiritual successor is, Rez, then it's near impossible to not be excited for this. :D



James said:

Will be getting this on both Kinect and PlayStation Move. I love Rez to bits so will gladly buy the sequel twice!



GoldenCannon said:

I knew this game will get Move support, if Kinect can do it offcourse the Move can do it. Pretty sure this game would work better with the Move anyway.



James said:

I wonder if Ubisoft has been playing up the Kinect controls rather than struggling to get Move support in; that was probably done months ago, but they've been keeping very quiet! Guess we'll find out more soon :)

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