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Virtua Tennis 4 Gets Exclusive Content for PS3 and Move

Posted by James Newton

Start a Net Blitz

After the disappointment of the PlayStation Move controls in Top Spin 4, tennis aficionados are now looking to Virtua Tennis 4 for a better racquet experience. Sega has just announced the game will land on PlayStation 3 with exclusive content compared to Virtua Tennis 4 on Kinect and Nintendo Wii.

Virtua Tennis is as well known for its minigames as it is for its arcade-style tennis action, and PlayStation 3 owners will be able to play two exclusive minigames included on the Blu-ray from day one. Popular tennis/bowling hybrid Pin Crasher returns, though sadly only with DualShock 3 support, but Net Blitz is fully compatible with PlayStation Move and challenges you to return balls into different-sized nets in order to earn points; the smaller the net, the more points it's worth.

Unfortunately, unlike Top Spin 4, the majority of the game is not Move-compatible: you cannot play the World Tour or online modes with the motion controller, for example. Minigames and one-off matches will be playable with Move, but if you're in for the long haul, it's looking like DualShock only.


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trony said:

this is not true. vt4 will be 100% compatible with the move i have seen it myself in game videos-there is no reasone it wont be fully supported...



James said:

@trony That's not what Sega says!

Virtua Tennis There's a motion control area of the game that is controllable with the Move, where you can play matches and minigames. The world tour and online are only usable with a classic standard controller.

That's from the official Virtua Tennis Facebook page, today.



turtlelink said:

It would be cool to have Move with the online portion of the game. I mean, tennis is perfect for the Move. I don't see why they don't make the whole game Move compatible, haha.



lawgiver said:

Not to be able to play with Move online is a fatal flaw in this game. I have cancelled my order and will be getting Top Spin 4 instead.

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