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"Very Exciting" Move Support for LittleBigPlanet 2 Coming

Posted by James Newton

Still don't know when

We were all disappointed that Media Molecule's highly anticipated LittleBigPlanet 2 didn't feature more in the way of PlayStation Move support, save for the inclusion of standalone title Sackboy's Prehistoric Moves. Recently the topic has come up again, with rumours pointing to a PlayStation Move-enabled "Teacher's Pack" for the game, but not everything is as it seems.

While many media outlets have reported that the forthcoming educational DLC will add Move support, the original MCV interview with Ray Maguire actually discusses the Teacher's Pack and PlayStation Move as two separate things. However, the official European PlayStation blog has confirmed that Media Molecule is still working on the extra content:

The sharp-eyed amongst you will also have noticed Media Molecule talking about a future Move expansion pack in interviews, and they are indeed beavering away on this. It is a VERY exciting pack that will be coming later in the year, and we’ll be sharing more details soon.

Sometimes, soon just doesn't feel soon enough.


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lipnox said:

teachers pack is supposed to come out in May, and the move update was rumored to happen around the same time, I admit I may have been a bit too hopefull.



GoldenCannon said:

Cool, Prehistory Move worked quite well with LBP, its good to hear they adding more support for Move.



lipnox said:

@Goldencannon it worked well with friends but it wasnt possible single player unless you want to rip your hair out and gouge your eyes. I hope the Move support for LBP 2 allows me to use move and nav controller and doesnt force multiplayer.



GoldenCannon said:

Yes, I forgot to mention it worked well with two players - one using the Move and one using the DS3. I hope for nav/move combo as well and hopefuly they add Move into the user creation tools.

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