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Top Spin 4 World Tour Video Shows New Online Mode

Posted by James Newton

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The battle for tennis supremacy on Move is heating up, as 2K Sports has shown off the new online World Tour mode for Top Spin 4.

Players will be able to take part in week-long seasons that will challenge them to enter and win tournaments each day, with the world's top players announced on a Sunday and experience bonuses dished out accordingly. As a mode to keep your attention online for long periods of time, it sounds like it could work, so have a look through the video below to make up your own mind.

Don't forget there's a PlayStation Move Top Spin 4 demo available on the North American PlayStation Store now.

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Wastedyuthe said:

"The battle for tennis supremacy on Move is heating up"
Well this has lost already in my book.

Eurogamer says about Virtua Tennis 4: "Everything I've ever played on Move suggests that it works exactly as it's supposed to, and Virtua Tennis 4 is no exception. Shots land where you want them to, slice or spin in the intended direction... Lobs, slices and top-spin are all self-explanatory, and there are no buttons involved"

Something tells me to wait for that instead, i don't care what features this game has got. It sucks with Move.



TGov said:

I am happy to hear that about VT4. It almost has to be better than this one. The original VT was my favorite Tennis game of all time so I hope the new one can find its place in my collection.



Wastedyuthe said:

The only thing that concerns me with VT is movement. IGN states there is no movement control, but Gamespot states it will have via the Nav although they couldn't test that at the time of their preview. Eurogamer states "Movement left and right is automatic at the moment, but that's being worked on. What you can do is move into the net to put pressure on your opponent by running up closer to the screen". So take from these what you will. I just hope they at least have the Nav for movement as an option.



TGov said:

They pretty much have to if they want me buying it

Might as well be table tennis if you can't control your players movement.



TGov said:

Sega has a real opportunity here to sell a lot of this title if they get it right, especially since Top Spin is really lacking. Hopefully they use the next few months to really get it ironed out.

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