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Tiger Woods Demo Chips Into the European Store

Posted by James Newton

Grab your wood

It's nearly time for Tiger to take to the fairway again, with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters out in a matter of weeks, and now European gamers can get a taste of Tiger's wood with a free Move-enabled demo of the game.

The 1.74GB trial features the new True View first-person perspective that lets you see through the eyes of your virtual golfer. You'll also learn more about the new career mode and Masters tournament, and any XP earned in the game can be carried over to the finished game when it's available in a few weeks.

User feedback has so far been more positive than last year's Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, so give the demo a spin and let us know what you think in the comments section below.


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dmmp1234 said:

More Positive?? lol I actually heard on TW forum someone say give me last years controls!! lol
Read on this forum alone for the problems, it's real bad.....
Supposedly they are trying to fix stuff thou after the demo, hope it happens or it's going to be a nightmare controlling some shots...



dmmp1234 said:

BTW putting has been almost perfect from last years to this years, being the exception.



y2josh said:

That's cool about the XP carrying over from the demo to the actual game. If I were to get this though I would get it on 360, where my golf buddy is.



walkinman1969 said:

first impressions of tw12 with the move are good could be better ala john daly prostroke,but although the controls for the menu are sensative the gameplay contols are not that bad,i am a 10 hdcap golfer and found the swing control so much better than tw11.
quick guide.full shots are 100% =full move swing.50% full shots are have move swing ie swing arms and move controller to parralel with floor 9oclock position.75% swing to 10:30 on clock.
pitching 100% swing arms to 9oclock move to 12oclock this should give a full pitch feel for selected club.50% pitch swing arms to 7:30 and move to 9oclock to get half swing feel.i use the clock sysem in real life and a 50% swing with 4 different wedges gives 4 different distances ranging from for the chipping that is rubbish and needs a patch.putting almost perfect.hope this reveiw helps.

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