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Still More Demand than Supply for Move Controllers at GameStop

Posted by James Newton

Low supply holding back growth

When PlayStation Move launched way back in September, many shoppers reported an abundance of bundle packages compared to the controllers sold on their own. Six months on, GameStop President Tony Bartel has said in an earnings call that the company is still seeing substantial demand for the motion controller.

We have struggled to stay in stock on the Sony Move controllers; there's a tremendous amount of demand for that. Provided we can get more into stock, we should see some strong growth there as well.

If low stock levels are holding back sales, it may be in Sony's best interest to send a few more Move controllers GameStop's way. Just a thought.


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y2josh said:

Sony and developers will be the reason the Move dies. Not customers.



din_djinn said:

Without seeing any exact figures, it's hard for me to say Sony ought to just make more Move controllers. Given todays economy, perhaps they're wise not to expand too much or too soon. And now Japans earthquake has really shaken things up, so more Move controllers might not be in Sony's offerings any time soon.

It did take me a long time to manage to find a second Move controller. I attributed it to the Holiday season. But it persisted months after, and I just managed to get one imported to China from Japan the first week of this month. My mistake was in picking up a Nav controller then later deciding to get a 2nd Move controller. Had I thought to buy them together, the bundle pack of the two controllers has been an available option for as long as I looked, from early December through to the present.



HarveyN286 said:

This is a good thing!! That their are a higher demand for the Move controllers...keep your heads up fellow move lovers.



TGov said:

"Sony and developers will be the reason the Move dies. Not customers."




GoldenCannon said:

Good to hear that there are great demands for the Move. Hopefully they sell millions more in the next couple of weeks.



Robo_1 said:

Yup, always good to hear news about the Move selling well. I think Sorcery will be their next big push for the system.



AnAz said:

i will be gettng moVe with ps3 on 7th !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cant exitEd !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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