We love PlayStation Move here at Movemodo — of course — but we're secretly partial to a bit of DualShock 3 action as well. In the future we expect Move to play an increasingly important part in PlayStation's control method, but that doesn't mean the standard dual analogue scheme is going out of the year, according to R&D manager Dr Richard Marks.

Speaking to Gamasutra about the future of game controllers amongst other things, Dr Marks asserted the standard joypad isn't going anywhere in the future.

I said that pretty much from the beginning that we're not trying to get rid of the gamepad. The gamepad is a really good abstract device.

Naturally Dr Marks acknowledges the value of Move to games like Killzone 3 and Sports Champions, and it seems that Move and DualShock will be hand-in-hand in future PlayStation consoles.

[via gamasutra.com]