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Sega Serves Up a Special Bundle for Virtua Tennis 4

Posted by James Newton

What a racquet

Virtua Tennis 4 is on the way to Move in April, and Sega wants to help you get into the swing of things with a new bundle for the game.

While we've seen plenty of bundles including Move and the game at hand, Sega's taking a different approach with VT4, bundling the game with two plastic racquet attachments for existing controllers.

Sadly Virtua Tennis 4's PlayStation Move support isn't quite as fully developed: you cannot use Move in the World Tour or online modes, only in the minigames and exhibition modes. Still, plastic tennis racquets ought to make up for it, right?

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din_djinn said:

Actually, this is just the sort of thing I'd rather avoid. Just more junk/clutter in my opinion. Something like the Sharp Shooter is different to me because the feel is different, making your Move controller more like the actual instrument — gun. It changes the way you hold/use your Move in what be a more realistic way. But this doesn't really enhance your play in any way, and it's just something else to have. (A bit like that inflatable raft that came out for the Kinect.)

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