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Resistance 3 Gets PlayStation Move and Sharp Shooter Support

Posted by James Newton

Shoot to thrill

We recently posed the question, Should Move Controls Become the FPS Standard?, and those of you who've become accustomed to blasting the Helghast with absolute precision stood up to be counted. It's not the only shooter threequel getting Move support though, as Insomniac Games announces that Resistance 3 will support the motion controller.

Citing overwhelming demand, the developer confirmed at its third Community Day that PlayStation Move and the PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter attachment would both be supported for the third entry in the humans vs. chimera war. Gamers with 3DTVs will also be able to lay waste to the alien hordes in stereoscopic 3D too.

Resistance 3 is scheduled for launch later this year. Stay tuned to Movemodo for more news as it arrives.

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Slapshot said:

This news just made my day, and it's not even 4am in the morning yet!

The gameplay, and setup of Resistance is probably the best PlayStation FPS to benefit from Move support. This should be a natural fit, and I can't wait to dominate the online scene in Resistance 3!



GoldenCannon said:

This is the best news I've heard in months. 3D and Move support for Resistance 3 - AWESOME!!! This will surely be the first day purchase for me. Thanks Insomaniac, way to go!



JamieO said:

Brilliant news, I am really pleased that there has been an 'overwhelming demand' for PS Move controls in Resistance 3 and it is great to know that Insomniac have listened to gamer's feedback.

Move was awesome in Killzone 3, so I can't resist buying Resistance 3 if it has full motion controls, too.



hamispink said:

Nice! I couldn't wait to get my hands on this game before, but now they've somehow gotten me even more hyped!
Move controls in shooters should be a standard option, and I can't wait to blast some chimera with a carbine in one hand(and seven other weapons in my back pocket )

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