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Plus Members, Today's Your Last Chance for Move Heroes Demo

Posted by James Newton

Comes down tomorrow

PlayStation Plus subscriber? Want to play the demo of PlayStation Move Heroes? You'd better get downloading pronto, as the free trial will disappear into the PlayStation Network wormhole tomorrow.

The full game launches in North America on 22nd March so you won't have too long to wait until you can play the finished game. Be sure to check back over the coming weeks as we'll have plenty of PlayStation Move Heroes content to get you geared up for this Move-exclusive mascot title.


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Swolern said:

Nice implement of move contols, Not perfect but very good for a kids game. Whip was the best. Prob get it for kids since featuring move and 3d.



zezhyrule said:

Wonder why they make it only available for plus members. Isn't the point of demos to see if you want to buy the game? I guess they assume only Move owners have PS+ D:

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