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Out Today: PlayStation Move Heroes Demo (North America)

Posted by James Newton


PlayStation Plus members lost their exclusivity on the PlayStation Move Heroes demo yesterday, as it's available from today for all PlayStation Network members across North America.

With the game set for release in North America on 22nd March and following in Europe not long after — though the exact date is subject to some confusion — it's part of the "second wave" of PlayStation Move titles that also includes Killzone 3, SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs and future titles such as Sorcery.

What do you make of the demo?

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zezhyrule said:

Ooooh, I see. I thought it was just for plus owners only, and that they were pulling it off of the store today. Guess I thought wrong



James said:

That's also what I thought, and what the PS Plus update on the official blog sounded like. Still, it's open for everyone now, so happy days



lipnox said:

i cant get online right now, but Its not listed as part of the most recent update. James where did you even hear this news in the first place?



turtlelink said:

Can't wait to try it out!
Oh and btw, I think the PSN Store updates in the evening.



lipnox said:

PSN store updates tuesdays for NA and wednesdays for EU, its thursday so I would expect it to be online by now. if anyone has seen it on the ps store please let us know I wont be able to check until the weekend. I can confirm that the mortal kombat demo will be on plus for only a week and everyone will get a chance to download it on the 15th, but perhaps PS move heroes didnt do something similar or perhaps the demo wont be coming out right away for regular users.



James said:

Looks like this was delayed by a week. Should be available now!

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