The anticipated scurry of first-person franchises over to PlayStation Move hasn't quite materialised yet: Portal 2 does not feature Move, although EA is considering Move for Battlefield 3. 2K sequel BioShock Infinite won't be using the motion controller though, and why not? According to BioShock creator Ken Levine, it's so users don't feel cheated.

I’d never want to throw in Move support just because it’s going to make some first party happy or because some marketing department wants it on the box because, at the end of the day, gamers know.

Do you want to play BioShock and it’s like, ‘okay, do you want to harvest or save Little Sister? Waggle left to harvest, waggle right to save!’ You can have Move support on your box but people are going to know you’re cheating them.

Of course we'd all prefer Move support to be included as a core part of the game, rather than a bullet point feature, but Levine's clearly underestimating the capabilities of Move as well as his studio's: surely a team capable of crafting a game such as BioShock would be able to come up with a far more engaging control scheme than the one Levine suggests.

Failing that, just give us a BioShock spin-off where we can use Move to control the Big Daddy's drill. That'd make us very happy indeed.