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Move Controls in BioShock Infinite "Would Cheat Gamers"

Posted by James Newton

So says Ken Levine

The anticipated scurry of first-person franchises over to PlayStation Move hasn't quite materialised yet: Portal 2 does not feature Move, although EA is considering Move for Battlefield 3. 2K sequel BioShock Infinite won't be using the motion controller though, and why not? According to BioShock creator Ken Levine, it's so users don't feel cheated.

I’d never want to throw in Move support just because it’s going to make some first party happy or because some marketing department wants it on the box because, at the end of the day, gamers know.

Do you want to play BioShock and it’s like, ‘okay, do you want to harvest or save Little Sister? Waggle left to harvest, waggle right to save!’ You can have Move support on your box but people are going to know you’re cheating them.

Of course we'd all prefer Move support to be included as a core part of the game, rather than a bullet point feature, but Levine's clearly underestimating the capabilities of Move as well as his studio's: surely a team capable of crafting a game such as BioShock would be able to come up with a far more engaging control scheme than the one Levine suggests.

Failing that, just give us a BioShock spin-off where we can use Move to control the Big Daddy's drill. That'd make us very happy indeed.


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Advancedcaveman said:

Well jeese Ken Levine, don't insert any waggle controls then. Just add move support with a centred crosshair (the way the shooting game in Playstation Move Heroes does it), and assign all actions to button presses. Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

For once I'd like to be able to point and shoot in a console FPS instead of always dragging my view around with an analog stick and letting the sticky crosshairs and ADS snapping do all the aiming for me. At this point its obvious that you can have near mouse-look controls with the move, so just do it. It's not a Wii remote, folks.

The Playstation Move Heroes demo shows that you don't even need awkward cursor based controls in a shooter at this point. They figured it it out. Play it. There are no excuses left. Developers don't get it though so we're stuck with nothing.



Paranoimia said:

Have to agree with Advancedcaveman. What Levine says is nonsense, because if you include Move controls as an option, no-one will feel cheated - if they don't like it, they can just use the controller.

He also seems to be over-simplifying what's possible with Move, and equating it pretty much with the more limited Wii. Again, as Advancedcaveman says, it's clear you could have almost mouse-like control with the Move.

But of course, developers won't implement it in that fashion. How can we know this? Because the PS3 has supported USB mouse and keyboard support since launch, yet as far as I know, to this date only one single FPS game has made use of that facility. If they won't give us actual mouse support, it's unlikely that they're going to give us mouse-like support.

I'm afraid we may find that, once again and in common with so much else, only Sony and their first-party developers will make the most of the Move, while everyone else will half-ass their implementation, or simply not bother.



lipnox said:

Why in the world would you make bioshock with Move controls and instead of using the move controller to point, you shake it to make choices? does this guy even know what hes talking about, ive never played a fps on wii or move that required me to shake to make choices instead of aim. plus he works for EA and EA are the masters of leaving us feel cheated, for an example check the need for speed hot pursuit dlc, $5 for cars that should be in the game already, $10 for modes that should have been in, and on top of that they charge you to even access online if you didnt buy the game new. Leaving move controls out of Bioshock with such a poor excuse, with a rather negative comment about move in battle field 3 makes me feel cheated if I were to buy bioshock.

Plus to be fair while system shock and bioshock were awesome, I think bioshock 2 was a fail and I doubt the next game will do much new, though I admit the trailer looked nice I feel like they're just borrowing ideas from there previous successes and hoping for the best. Also just to add, considering how weak bioshock 2 multiplayer features were I feel bioshock is used to leaving fans feeling cheated.



Slapshot said:

@lipnox... Ken Levine had nothing to do with BioShock 2, the game was outsourced to 2K. I still think BioShock 2 was amazing, as well as the original.

I'm a little startled at Ken Levine's comment, it does seem a bit harsh.



TGov said:

It is an ignorant comment and from somebody that probably has never even used a move controller. I am afraid more developers feel this way than the other.



lipnox said:

@slapshot82 I never played the game first hand, I just havent heard many good things about the 2nd game, and its already $10 at used at blockbuster and its not even a year old so I just assume the worst.



RonF said:

What a stupid comment! Before reading, I thought he was going to give an escuse for not having resources to add more feature. However, after reading, I believe that his statement is better explained by ignorance of the facts and lack of wisdow to keep you mouth shut when you don't know the facts.



Slapshot said:

@lipnox... If your a fan of the first Bioshock then the sequel is a sure-fire win for you. There are many new elements in the game that are really cool. Amazing graphics, and once again a great storyline. Heck, just being back in Rapture was worth the $60 release day purchase for me.

Multiplayer is a a lot of fun as well, it's just difficult to get into at first. Leveling up give you higher powered abilities and weapons, and you will get owned from the start. It's a fun alternative FPS multiplayer shooter though.



pandrtx said:

I started with the Move, but I don't like it. I want to go back to the Dualshock. I see no way in the options to do that. Does anyone know?

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