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Kevin Van Dam Hoping to Hook Move this Summer

Posted by James Newton

A trout time

Ahh, the relaxing pastime of taking a boat out from the shore, settling for a nice quiet spot and then trying to snag a fish's lips on a hook before wrestling it out of its habitat and into a boat. The humane way to do things is in the virtual world of course, and although Rapala Pro Bass Fishing has already had a go at recreating the sport, superstar fisherman Kevin Van Dam is about to get his own Move-enabled vehicle.

The cleverly named Kevin Van Dam Fishing is scheduled for release on 7th June 2011, and comes with full PlayStation Move support, a Zoo Games representative confirmed to us earlier.

Have a look at the trailer below for an idea of the wonders you can expect when this game launches in June.

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lipnox said:

I have never been a big fishing guy in video games, except Ocarina of time of course but I'm kinda curious how this game turns out.



GoldenCannon said:

Fishing isnt my thing either but willing to give this a go when it hits the bargain bin

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