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Dynasty Warriors 7 Does Not Support PlayStation Move

Posted by James Newton

Lost in translation

Last year we reported that Dynasty Warriors 7 would support PlayStation Move, but with the game due to release in a few weeks we can now confirm that the motion controller does not work with Tecmo Koei's historic epic.

A representative from the publisher told us the support was only ever a rumour that arose around the original Japanese launch, and that the company is not planning to add Move features to the game in future.

So there you go: Dynasty Warriors 7 does not support PlayStation Move. What's your reaction?

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lipnox said:

well I didnt expect the move controls to be much, it still would have been a fun alternative. Though I admit knowing Koei Move support might be added in the Empires edition along with everything else missing from dynasty warriors 7. I havent played the game though, and Ive heard its awesome so dont take my comments too seriously im only basing my thoughts on previous installments.

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