You might not like video games at all. But you have to admit, this debut Battlefield 3 trailer is pretty darn amazing. The lighting, animation and general image quality is out of this world, even if the trailer probably is captured from a super computer.

According to DICE, the game uses technology established in EA's sports titles to create the uncanny animation.

"I started to look inside EA and see what we had there," lead animator Tobias Dahl told Game Informer. "And, quite naturally, I started looking into the sport games because what they have is animation — that's what drives their games [...] and it looks pretty good, I'd say."

The results are amazing, but we can't help but be sceptical of the classic "Killzone 2 syndrome" here. It just looks too good for a game 10-or-so-months away from release. If the PlayStation 3 version of the game comes anywhere near the quality of this trailer, it might just take Killzone 3's crown.

Despite having the brand name that matters to the mainstream audience, we imagine Activision are watching Battlefield 3 with worried expressions.