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Virtua Tennis 4 Move Footage Shows a Lot of Balls

Posted by James Newton

Murray vs. Federer in action

Sega says Move is the most accurate way to play Virtua Tennis 4, and the tail end of this new footage shows the game's first-person viewpoint in action with PlayStation Move.

Graphically the game appears superb, with excellent presentation and character models, although it's worth bearing in mind this footage is classified as "b-roll", which means it's a series of clips intended to show gameplay footage rather than a polished trailer, hence the audio issues.

Check out the footage below and keep checking here at Movemodo to find out when Virtua Tennis 4 will be available.

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Wastedyuthe said:

Really not sure if I like that first person view at all. I'd rather have the typical overhead view (as well as having total movement control with the navigation controller), so I can see exactly where i am on the court and where best to place myself.
You can still see how close the ball is to your player so hitting at the right time shouldn't be a problem.



James said:

As far as I know the first-person view is totally optional. I bet it looks amazing in 3D though!



RonF said:

I find hard to control positioning under FPV, as it is almost impossible to track the lines without resorting to some sort of wide angle distortion. What I want to know is how realistic they will treat the swings.



GoldenCannon said:

I heard alot of good publicity and reviews about this game with the Move. Hopefully it delivers.

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