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Top Spin 4 My Player Trailer Serves Up a Career Mode

Posted by James Newton

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2K Sports games are known for their immersive career modes; NBA 2K11 featured a highly acclaimed My Player mode, and upcoming tennis title Top Spin 4 is looking to do the same on a different kind of court.

You'll start off a rookie, earning experience points and winning new fans as you progress through a range of tournaments, enhancing your abilities and working on your weaknesses to continue working your way upwards. There'll be opportunities for sponsorship deals, media coverage and more in your quest to become the very best, conquering famous faces along the way.

Top Spin 4 is fully compatible with PlayStation Move, so we'll wait and see if the motion controller gives your player an edge when the game is released in North America on 15th March and Europe on 18th March.

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NathanUC said:

I don't play tennis.. but I really want this game for some reason lol. Seems perfect for the Move. Lamps and unsuspecting bystanders look out!



Wastedyuthe said:

"... if the motion controller gives your player an edge ... "

I can't really see the Move giving players an edge over DS players, but I really hope it adds to the enjoyment of the game and is accurate enough for the player to send the ball where they want it to go.

The career mode looks very comprehensive and involving, giving the player plenty to get their teeth stuck into. Can't wait for the reviews to start coming in for this. Fingers crossed for a demo too.



TGov said:

I am hopeful for the move controls in this one but we will have to see. The table tennis in SC is actually quite encouraging as I thought it was implemented pretty well, I just hope that they somehow incorporate the nav controller to move your character about the court. I don't like it automatically being done for me and all I am controlling is the swing.



James said:

It's going to be a tough choice between this and Virtua Tennis 4 - obviously I'm a Sega man, but 2K really won me over with NBA 2K11, so I'm hoping this can be equally amazing. Maybe I'll just get both!



TGov said:

Hopefully they both have demos. That is how I chose between MLB 2k9 and MLB 09 The Show a few years ago.



lipnox said:

hopefully the controls will be better then NBA 2k11, I personally thought that game was bargin bin garbage but aparently others saw something in it I didnt. also the Move controls for NBA 2k11 were probably the worst ive played even worse then Aragorns quest.



James said:

Move controls for NBA weren't great, I'll grant you that, but I thought the game itself was absolutely sensational. To each man his own, though!



Wastedyuthe said:

@TGov: "... I just hope that they somehow incorporate the nav controller to move your character about the court ..."

I'm sure I read somewhere that this is the case. Same for Virtua Tennis too. I've played Grand Slam Tennis on the Wii with this control method and it works great.



James said:

And of course it's a wireless sub-controller on PS3 so even better!

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