Fact: DJ Hero underperformed at retail. Fact: Activision just killed Guitar Hero. Fact: People are probably going to lose their jobs. Which really sucks because there's clearly piles and piles of talent at the British studio behind the scratch-em-up, FreeStyle Games. Like we said, the DJ Hero games are amazing. The second one in particular is absolutely phenomenal.

A statement issued by FreeStyle Games' creative director Jamie Jackson, design director David Osbourn, and commercial director Chris Lee (phew!) states that "no decisions have been taken at this stage" regarding the future of the studio. Which is fantastic news. Sadly things sound a bit more ominous when the trio add that the studio are "actively working with Activision on various options going forward". Why? Because a similar thing was said about Bizarre Creations a few months back.

Fingers-crossed things work out better for FreeStyle though. The DJ Hero games are fantastic, and it's such a shame that they didn't hit the required commercial level. Personally, we'd love another one.