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SEGA: Move is the Most Accurate Way to Play Virtua Tennis 4

Posted by James Newton

So come out swinging

As Sega's flagship sporting franchise, Virtua Tennis 4 isn't just coming to Move: you'll also be able to play Virtua Tennis 4 on Kinect and Wii as well, but the game's producer Mie Kumagai believes Move has the edge.

In an interview with Computer and Video Games, Kumagai explained that only Move offers the precision of a hand controller and the ability to detect player positions in 3D space through use of the PlayStation Eye camera. Kumagai said of the combination:

So it makes the motion play on the Move probably the most accurate motion play out of all the three.

Couple that with the PS3 version's exclusive stereoscopic 3D support and it's clear Sega hasn't skimped on the feature-set for Sony gamers.

Virtua Tennis 4 is coming to PlayStation 3 in its Move-controlled, stereoscopic 3D glory later this year.

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James said:

Springtime is all we know at the moment - I'm right with you though! As soon as Sega gives us a date it'll be right here so keep checking us!



Wastedyuthe said:

It will certainly be interesting which of this and Top Spin will be the better game. Funny how the Top Spin developers haven't utilised the Kinect at all. And from what i've read about Virtua Tennis, i wouldn't like to use that anyway- swinging my arm with the game being unable to tell how my wrist is positioned for top spins etc. The Move is certainly sounding the best of the 3 for Tennis implementation, and I can't wait. Apparently we'll be able to use the navigation controller for movement around the court too, as an option. I've used this method with Grand Slam Tennis on Wii, and its great.



lipnox said:

I hope there is a move enabled demo of this game because if the controls are fun I could see it being a really popular multi player game.

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