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Rumour: Child of Eden Coming to PlayStation Move

Posted by James Newton

The evidence mounts

We know that you'll be able to play Rez successor Child of Eden on Kinect, but although the game is heading to PlayStation 3 there's been no official confirmation from Ubisoft that the game will support the PlayStation Move controller. However, a recent report from IGN has added fuel to the growing speculation that Sony's motion controller will work with the upcoming shooter.

Coming from a hands-on report, IGN wrote:

Mum's the word on how well the PlayStation Move controls will work, but there's something freeing about having nothing between you and this corrupted world that you're purifying.

We've done a lot of digging and have found no official announcement from Ubisoft that the PS3 release will support PlayStation Move – the official Child of Eden website only refers to Kinect and "traditional game controllers" – but several retailers have the game pegged for Move support.

UK retail chain HMV has a listing for Child of Eden: Move Compatible, with the following description:

The game will also be compatible with Move for PS3, that will provide an enhanced gameplay experience as the player will become truly immersed in the game, with no physical barriers between him and the game world.

It's worth pointing out that the text is all-but identical to the spiel for the Kinect version, with the controller names switched over.

We've contacted Ubisoft and we'll update you when we know more.

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lipnox said:

I could have sworn this was confirmed a while back. but its ubisoft so it will probably be mediocre.



Robo_1 said:

Well it's a deal breaker for me, so I hope it does have Move support.



GoldenCannon said:

I'm sure it will have Move support, don't see a reason why not. The Move would be best for these type of games as it feels more natural



SilentJ said:

I'm planning on getting this with or without Move support but I'll be extremely happy if Move support is included.

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