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Portal 2 to Feature Complete PlayStation Move Support

Posted by James Newton

Updated: Might be a lie

Update: As new details have come to light, read our updated post Apparently Portal 2 Does not Have Full Move Support.

Original post follows.

Upcoming first-person teleportation puzzler Portal 2 will receive complete PlayStation Move support, according to Eurogamer.

Valve's Chet Faliszek described the feature as an apology for the lack of Left 4 Dead on PlayStation 3, as well as the relatively lower quality of the company's Orange Box when translated to PlayStation 3.

We made a mistake back then and gave the Orange Box console versions to an external team. They did a good job, but didn't quite achieve the same quality level that we have at Valve. Now everything happens in-house, we created a special console department just for that. So the move to the PlayStation 3 comes late - we're sorry for that. As a small compensation we have PS3-exclusive cloud saving, a free code for PC and complete PlayStation Move support.

The PS3 version of Portal 2 will also support cross-platform play with PC owners, so it makes sense for console gamers to receive PlayStation Move support.


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SmokeAdellic said: just confirmed its a rumor and there will be no move support for portal 2.



TGov said:

Ya, it looks like this isn't the case, but it still will have cross-platform ability and a free PC copy!

That will sell it for me for sure as I wasn't planning on buying the PS3 version as my buddies will all be playing it on PC. Now I can play it on either one



turtlelink said:

Awesome! Can't wait to play this with my friend who will be getting it on Steam.



Slapshot said:

I wouldn't dismiss this just yet! I think Valve will issue a official statement themselves really soon. If Move isn't implemented already, I think the current attention this has caused will become the eventuality of seeing Move in Portal 2.

I think Portal 2 will indeed see Move support!

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