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PlayStation Move Heroes Dev Diary Emerges from Wormhole

Posted by James Newton

Or California, one of the two

Californian developer Nihilistic Software is the studio entrusted with bringing three key Sony franchises – Ratchet & Clank, Jak & Daxter and Sly Cooper – to PlayStation 3, and now the studio has opened its doors for a behind-the-scenes video to explain the process that brought the six heroes together.

PlayStation Move Heroes was originally conceived for PlayStation Move and built to work around the motion controller, which means that unlike some titles heading to Move it was never planned for regular DualShock controls: this is all Move, all the way.

Check out the video below, remember that PlayStation Plus members get the PlayStation Move Heroes demo on 1st March and come back after 22nd March for our full PlayStation Move Heroes review.


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Robo_1 said:

Has anybody tried the demo of this? It's had quite a pummelling from the impressions I've read.



lipnox said:

ive heard of no demo and theres barely any gameplay to be found. sometimes Iwaggle3d gets access to demos before the general public but other then that No demo what so ever.

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