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Out Today: Killzone 3 Single-Player Demo (North America)

Posted by James Newton

Give 'em Hel(ghan)

If you've been dabbling in the Killzone 3 multiplayer beta you might be ready for a new challenge, in which case we have good news: the single-player demo is available for North American PlayStation Network members right now.

The demo was released to PlayStation Plus subscribers last week but is now freely available for all members, paid or otherwise, and comes complete with PlayStation Move controls. If you have a swanky 3DTV there's even a 3D-enabled demo for you to check out for the ultimate in Killzone 3 stereoscopic action.

Be sure to read our Guides: How to Be Better with PlayStation Move in Killzone 3 to get a headstart on the Helghan, and be sure to subscribe to Movemodo as we'll have plenty of Killzone 3 Move content in the coming weeks.

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GiggleFish said:

I've been playing the demo for a bit now (plus member, here) and I just want to say - if you haven't played it yet what are you waiting for? Amazing move title. Do it. Do it now.



autogolazzo said:

I live in North America and this isn't working for me. At the Playstation Store, it still shows the Killzone demo as downloadable by Plus members only.

Any ideas?



Swolern said:

Played this with move controller and in 3d and I was effin blown away! I just could stop saying "Wow", it's that good. Guerilla really outdone themselves this time. It makes KZ2 look like "Driving Miss Daisy".



lipnox said:

I was super disapointed that split screen doesnt support move. it has honestly left me wondering if I should even still get this game.



TGov said:

I played it a bit yesterday with the dual shock (move hasn't arrived yet) and it seems like it will be a good title. I have never been a fan of FPS on consoles as I am too used to the computer control scheme (not that I play a ton of them: HL2, BF2 etc), so i am looking forward to trying it with the move as it seems like it would be a bit more intuitive for a PC player.

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