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Move Creator Keen to Open Controller Up to PC Coders

Posted by James Newton

On your Marks

We reported recently that we could see an update to allow PlayStation Move to work on PC, and it seems the driving force behind such an update could be none other than Dr Richard Marks, the controller's creator.

Speaking to Ars Technica, Dr Marks mentioned his desire to open the controller to a wider range of creative folks:

For a long time I've mentioned in my talks that we'd like to let more people innovate with Move. It's a nice tool. It is made for the PS3, so it's difficult in that sense for us to let it happen. I would really like to see it happen, so all the really creative minds in the labs and the hobbyists can actually play around with it. But as of now, we haven't announced anything official. But it is something I really want to see happen as soon as possible.

A recent rumour pointed to a talk at this month's Game Developers Conference that would outline PlayStation Move Server software, an as-yet unannounced project for programmers to create their own Move-compatible titles on PC. Will we see Move work with PC in future? We'll keep you updated right here.


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din_djinn said:

If your one to read a lot of gaming websites, you've probably noticed that almost everyday there is news of some new homebrew application using Kinect, usually for the PC. MS has even announced their intention to see the PC using Kinect. This has the ring of Sony trying to catch up or stay relevant. I mean, I know the Move is great for the PS3, and frankly, as it stands, has more interesting game applications than Kinect. And I know it's not really a competition as both products can do well in their own markets. But I wonder if Sony fears falling behind in, if nothing else, perception.



GoldenCannon said:

I agree Sony needs to push the Move really hard and start advertising and marketing. No point in having a awesome device if no one knows about it. Move is a much better motion controller then Kinect is, as you cant play Kinect for too long without feel gimmicky and the games are quite basic. Move offers a whole lot more and much less. I have two Move controllers and cant stop playing them.

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