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LittleBigPlanet 2's Move Update Will Bring New Levels Too

Posted by James Newton

Not just a motion add-on

We don't know when LittleBigPlanet 2's Move update will find its way to our consoles, with Media Molecule only giving a vague "in a few months" release window, but at least we have a little more idea of what the pack will actually include. Just a little, though.

In an open chat on Facebook, as reported by LittleBigLand, Media Molecule's community manager James Spafford confirmed the upcoming pack would contain new stages for Sackboy to explore.

The Move pack will contain some new story mode levels using Move controls made by us here, the guys are working on it at the moment, it's looking great!

With the confirmation that the pack will add new levels, not just Move support, one question emerges: will the add-on be paid content, or available for free? Let us know what you think in the comments.


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Adz2k7 said:

Could be free and paid content. Move support may get added as a free update with new levels being added as paid DLC.
I'm just happy to hear that Move support is coming though



HarveyN286 said:

I played Little Big on my friends Move controller the other day, awesome! Actual makes the game a little more advanced in a way.



lipnox said:

considering people have already found ways to map the sixaxis motion to levels in LBP2 I could care less about the levels media molecule makes, and after the garbage sackboy on the move id rather play what other people make and let media molecule stick to making improvements for creators instead of trying to make levels. (ps sackboy on the move could have been fine as a 1 player game but they went and messed it up by not allowing nav controller or controller option changes.

Personally I cant wait to play endless free move games even if the pack costs me $6.

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