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Heavy Fire: Afghanistan to Blast Move with On-Rails Action

Posted by James Newton

War comes to Move

There's no shortage of gritty first-person shooters on PlayStation Move – Killzone 3 and MAG both stand out – but they can sometimes be confusing for gamers not used to controlling movement and guns at the same time. That won't be a problem with Heavy Fire: Afghanistan, an on-rails shooter for Move from Polish developers Teyon.

The team has previously worked on WiiWare shooter Heavy Fire: Special Operations and its impending follow-up Heavy Fire: Black Arms, but this third entry in the series is set to head to retail for the first time.

Publisher Mastiff Games is yet to release any official screenshots or footage of the game, but as soon as they arrive we'll let you know here, first.

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Wastedyuthe said:

Is their WiiWare game any good? On rails shooters are all well and good for those who prefer no-nonsense all-action blasters. I prefer a little more tactics and planning with my shooters though- Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon etc. Not many of them on the Wii, hence me not playing it in ages and ending up buying a PS3 which i should have done ages ago



Paranoimia said:

Meh. Not interested in 'on rails' stuff. I'm afraid I see it as essentially being 'gaming for idiots.'

I've enjoyed Dead Space Extraction to a point, but only because I like the Dead Space universe. Aiming with the Move was a joy. But in terms of actual gameplay, I found it infuriating knowing that I'd missed an item and just couldn't do a simple, obvious thing like turn around and pick it up.

I certainly wouldn't/don't want to play all my games like that. I can just about accept it with Extraction, because I know it's a port from the Wii - but if these games are being designed specifically for Move, there's no need to put them on rails.

Sony should step in and get them to make full use of the Move. After all, Rob Dyer of SCEA did say that they wanted devs to take advantage of Move's enhanced capabilities, and they didn't want straight Wii port games. Okay, if they're creating it for PS3, this game may not actually be a Wii port, but the same principle must surely be applied?

If they must put it on rails, at least allow us to use the NavCon stick to move back and forth along those rails. Extraction would be so much better if you could use the NavCon to do that.



James said:

I think this is basically going to be an arcade-style on-rails shooter with a wartime theme, but as it's also coming to Wii and Kinect I'd be interested to see if there are differences between each version other than simple controls. One to watch, though!



GiggleFish said:

Glad to see we're getting more on-rails shooters. One of my favorite genres that hasn't really been getting a lot of love these past few years. Can't wait to use the move for this one.



JamieO said:

I have lots of time for on-rails shooters, I love the purity of the quick reaction 'point-and-fire' based gameplay, and that its genre's roots stem from arcade light gun games. I also like the way an on-rails shooter can swish the camera around with fast movements which amplify the set-pieces and set them up to explode at the most opportune moment. I'm happy to see an abundance of on-rails shooters released for Move, as long as they are tightly designed and creative.

However, it does not seem particularly original to set yet another shooter in Afghanistan or the Middle East, I find it a teeny bit dull when multiple video game devs latch onto one particular setting or scenario, so that it becomes a bit of a cliché and a bandwagon (same goes for shooting at zombies). Not to mention that yet another brown dusty desert can result in a repetitively dull visual presentation in a less skillful game artist's hands. Then again, it would be unfair for me to prejudge a game which I have not even seen in motion.

Nintendo Life's Jon Wahlgren described WiiWare Heavy Fire: Special Operations in the Nlife review as "everything about it feels half-baked" with a 3/10 score, we will just have to see how much Teyon has learnt from the Wii game, to improve this PS Move title.

On the flip side if Teyon can create an exciting, action packed on-rails shooter which is able to establish an atmospheric setting, then it will be a welcome addition to Move's growing catalogue.
So "good luck" Teyon!



lipnox said:

not to be negative but this game is going to suck. if reviewers hated 3 amazing time crisis games they are likely going to just laugh at this one.



turtlelink said:

So is this a standalone game or is it a new game with the other two, Special Operations and Black Arms?



James said:

@turtlelink Not sure yet, all Teyon would tell me is it's definitely under development and it's heading to retail. However, the game's box art is just a slightly recoloured version of the art for HF: SpecOps, so perhaps it's a compilation? We'll do our best to find out.



Paranoimia said:

@ JamieO - "I also like the way an on-rails shooter can swish the camera around with fast movements"

Glad you mentioned that - reminded me of something I meant to include earlier!

That's the one thing I hated above all else with Extraction - those fast camera turns! I know the reason for it is the first-person viewpoint, but I found it incredibly disorientating.

I have a cousin who's a much more 'casual' gamer, and he has never been able to play first-person games of any kind, because they give him quite severe motion sickness. I personally have never in my life suffered motion sickness while playing any game (and at nearly 40, I've played lots of games), but I did while playing certain parts of Extraction.

It was only mild, and only when I played while anything other than wide awake, but it was a first for me under any circumstances. I've played 'on rails' lightgun games before, and never been affected, even when tired. But some of the 'head movements' in Extraction seemed excessively fast, perhaps even unnecessary.

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