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Guides: How to Be Better with PlayStation Move in Killzone 3

Posted by Christopher Ingram

Kill the competition

PlayStation Move has now seen its controls implemented into a few FPS games such as MAG and Modern Combat: Domination (ModComDom) with good overall results. The Killzone 3 Beta is available now through the PlayStation Store with spot-on Move integration, and we at Movemodo want to help our readers out with our very own pro-tip guide to put DualShock users at the bottom of the leaderboards.


Calibration in Killzone 3 is quick and easy. Simply hold the Move controller toward the camera and press the Move button. Once this is achieved a target will appear in the corner of the screen that needs to be shot, quickly followed by a second target on the opposite side of the screen.

For optimal calibration with Move make sure the camera is directly in line with the Move controller and that the Move controller is in playing position when calibrating. When firing at the two targets on-screen, make sure that the Move controller is moved naturally to the target, and again in playing position for perfect calibration.

Customising Controls

Finding the right control customisation to fit one's preferred play style may seem like a daunting task at first, but with a little knowledge and tweaking, finding the perfect settings is actually quite easy. Taking the game into Botzone (offline AI opponents) grants the ability to pause the game for tweaking controls on the fly, and is a great place to warm-up to the controls before going head-to-head with tough human opponents.

Deadzone Width

This is the invisible horizontal zone in the centre of the screen that the on-screen cursor can move around in without turning the screen. 0% is the smallest deadzone available and allows the camera to start turning horizontally, with basically any movement outside the centre of the screen. With 100% deadzone, to move the camera horizontally, the cursor must move much farther to the sides of the screen to turn the camera. With the high need for the camera to be turned horizontally in FPS games, a lower percentage here allows for quick camera turns, and will probably be preferred by most.

Deadzone Height

This is the opposite as Deadzone Width, as it’s the vertical deadzone that moves the camera up and down. As the camera isn’t moved vertically as much as it is horizontally, a mid-level Deadzone Height is appropriate here.

Crosshair Sensitivity

This setting adjust how quickly the on-screen cursor moves on-screen. A lower setting here allows for easy aiming and larger movements to move the onscreen cursor, and will be most likely preferred by most. A high setting allows little room for mistakes, and we recommend starting out with the lowest setting until comfortable with the controls.

Turn Speed

This setting adjust how fast the camera moves once the cursor is moved outside the deadzone. Once again here, the camera will need to be moved quickly to play at a high level, and a higher turn speed is recommended.

Lock Assist

Three types of Lock Assist are available here.

  • Camera: This focuses the camera on the enemy when the lock-assist button (aim down the sights) is pressed.
  • Crosshair: The camera and cursor will snap to the enemy when the lock-assist button is pressed. (Not available in multiplayer)
  • None: This option allows all the assist to be turned off and also give the access to the Zoom settings, and this is option will probably be preferred by most as it brings a natural feel FPS feel when aiming down the sights.


When the Lock Assist is turned off, the Zoom setting becomes available, and has three available settings.

  • Hold: The camera will aim down the sights of the gun when the button is held.
  • Toggle: The camera will aim down the sights when the button is pressed, but must be pressed again to switch back the viewpoint.
  • Adaptive: The Zoom adapts to either Hold or Toggle in accordance to how the button is pressed. If the button is quickly pressed and released, Toggle mode will be activated and a second button press will be required to deactivate the zoom. If the button is pressed and held, Hold mode is activated and the camera will shift back as soon as the button is released.


Two settings are available, Hold and Toggle, and work the same as in Zoom settings.

Movemodo's Preferred Settings

  • Deadzone Width: 20%
  • Deadzone Height: 40%
  • Crosshair Sensitivity: 10%
  • Turn Speed: 60%
  • Lock Assist: None
  • Zoom: Hold
  • Crouch: Toggle


Playing to Move's strengths is vital to trumping the DualShock in Killzone 3. Camera movement isn’t as natural as it is with the DualShock, but Move allows for fast and precise aiming across the screen. Moving slower in corridors and crowded areas allows for better camera control, and gives Move the advantage when the enemy comes on-screen as the camera is already in place and Move's speed and precision makes quick work of the enemies. Practice and skill are needed of course, but this one simple strategy seems to be the most effective bit of advice we can give to playing Killzone 3 with Move.

Can Move trump Dualshock in Killzone 3? Yes, judging by our experiences so far. Our kill-to-death ratio is now sitting at 1.87, and we have no doubt it will eventually be over 2.0 in the future. Player skill and play style will always be a factor, but with the correct set-up and practice, we believe Move users will find their names sitting at the top of the leaderboards more often than DualShock users.

Your Tips

Have you picked up any ideas you want to share with our readers? Perhaps a set-up that works best for you, or how to pull off those brutal melee kills with deadly accuracy? Leave us a comment below and we'll see you on the battlefield.

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Paranoimia said:

I haven't downloaded the demo/beta, as I was in the original beta and am happy now just to wait for the game's release.

Not sure yet whether I'll use my Move or DS3 to play with, but I've bookmarked this article and will try the settings out!



SkumF said:

Great guide.. But just a quick comment on the auto aim as i commented in another post on killzone3.

Why is this even posible in the multiplayer?
You can walk around, holding down L2 and just waiting for an enemy to come on the screen and there you have him. Almost perfect centered for you to take out.



Paranoimia said:

Oh, also... I'd be very interested to hear how it feels to play using Move with that SharpShooter gizmo.



GiggleFish said:

Awesome guide. I've been digging this game so much playing the demo. The move controls are excellent, especially when you get it set up like you want it. I'm excited for the Sharpshooter, too. Any chance you'll be doing a guide for playing with that when we get closer to release day?



Slapshot said:

@SkumF.... The camera lock doesn't do much at all. It only helps keep the camera centered, and it seems to give a larger deadzone. The Crosshair Lock Assist on the other-hand does indeed lock to the target, and it's not available in multiplayer or higher difficulties in single player.

I'm extremely curious about SharpShooter myself, but don't dismiss Move/Navi either. I'm literally floored with how well Move works in Killzone 3, and Move is the way to play this game online or off.

UPDATE: New K/D Ratio is 2.15



guitar_nerd_23 said:

cross hair sensitivity isnt cross hair sensitivity thats in the calibration screen, the one on the main setting menu controls the sensitivity of the graduation in turning speed check out iwaggle3d's explanation

good article though

ive settled on 10% width, 30% height, 50% sensitivity, 70% turn speed and 40% senistivity in the calibration screen



GoldenCannon said:

I've been playing Killzone 3 Beta nonstop using the Move. It takes some time and adjustment to get use to the Move but once you are used to it, I'll say it's faster then using the Dualshock. I got more kills using Move gun then with the DS3. The Move gun is awesome, I felt like I was inside the game holding a real gun. It is a much better experience then using the normal controller. Highly recommend everyone to try out the Move.



naiyo said:

I have these settings:
Turn Speed:100
Lock Assist: None

The trick is at the calibrating screen.
Don't point directly at the icons but point in the direction of the icons but a little outside the screen area. The further outside the screen, the tighter the cursor. Now you can put your turn speed up to 100 and turn around faster.



SkumF said:

@slapshot82 .. But when you go out in a wide area i think it makes a big diffrent that you always know where there is a target. But looks like i am the only one who have that opinion



Slapshot said:

@SkumF... I'm guessing that you are referring to the Lock-Assist?

If so, having that option available in a competitive online match would give an unfair advantage, and ruin the game balance. One of the reasons that I use the lower cursor sensitivity is for when I'm in large areas with the sniper rifle. It gives more precision when aiming for head-shots, of which I've racked up loads of with Move.

There is a way to know where enemies are for in the game, but I'll let you figure that out if you haven't already.



Swolern said:

I think kz3 is using aim assist for move to even the odds against dS3. B/C the move is so new for FPS and ds3 have had years to perfect their movement cordinations. So it gives move players a chance advance in their control movement b/c it is very different and takes getting use to.



SkumF said:


Yes i mean the lock-assist. It is on when you join an online match and i think its unfair. I dont like the idea about in when you are against other players.

I must be a newbie then if there is some other magic way making that happen



Slapshot said:

@SkumF...I'm sorry I misunderstood your post.

The camera lock-assist is available in online, and it could be used in the way you explained. For me though, I found that the assist actually caused me more deaths by locking the screen down, and not allowing me the freedom to move the camera as I preferred.

I think this camera lock-assist is primarily there for the Sharpshooter, and we will let you guys know all about that in the upcoming weeks as well.

In this day and age of online gaming, all it will take is a patch to fix the problem if it becomes an balancing issues.



SkumF said:

@slapshot82... just my shi*** english

I hope they will patch it because i really think it is a stupid idea in the first place. I havent played enough to say if my k/d ratio is higher with or without the camera lock-assist. But the whole idea off camera lock when holding a butten is just.... stupid imo (in multiplayer)

But still looking forward too this game.. No doubt.



Slapshot said:

I think it might be necessary when using Sharpshooter, but as soon as I get my hands on it and the the game, then I will know for sure, and of course pass it along.

@guitar_nerd_23.... I've done a bit of digging on the Sensitivity that you were referring too. iWaggle filmed his video using a Preview Code of the game and not the Beta. There wasn't an option for Turn Speed in the Preview Code, but has since been implemented, and the Sensitivity does now in fact affect the cursor speed.



autogolazzo said:

I have a brilliant idea (please feel free to bash away at it).....

Have separate online games for Move and DS3 players so that there is no advantage. After all, this issue will never go away with all of the multiple game releases in the future. I mean, how much can you test every aspect of a game? A lot, but we're now talking about doubling the amount of QA (and dev costs) for every game released. This is the only system, so far, in which that would be an issue (Kinect games don't seem to have the crossover that Move does).

BTW - I don't even know if there is a way to actually accomplish this and if there was, it could certainly be hacked.



JamieO said:

This guide is a brilliant idea, great job Movemodo, and yet again I am saying "hats off" to @slapshot82 for the detail of his coverage. I am definitely going to play through Killzone 3 with Move, although I can't afford the luxury of a Sharpshooter yet.

I will return to re-read this guide and the above comments, to help me configure my Move set-up on Feb 25th. There is just over a week left to wait now (for UK gamers)!

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