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PlayStation Move Heroes Minigames Get Detailed

Posted by James Newton

What's in the package?

Taking PlayStation's six most beloved heroes and putting them into one package, PlayStation Move Heroes has caught the attention of many, but how does the game actually play? Far from the 3D action platformer some would have expected, the title is actually more like a minigame compilation, according to Siliconera.

One game on offer was the flying disc stage shown off previously, but also on-show were levels that each centred around a different use of PlayStation Move: a whip, a gun, a bowling ball and, best of all, Ratchet's wrench.

Each mission has one objective to meet in order to complete it, but you can make things easier or harder for yourself by pursuing more targets to grab an elusive bronze, silver or gold medal, perfect for gamers who like to push themselves a little harder than usual.

While Sony only showed off five levels in the demo, it appears the final game will include other styles of gameplay, with a Sony rep cryptically stating the stages on-show where all they were showing "on that day".

PlayStation Move Heroes is due for release later this year, and we'll have more coverage over the coming months.


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lipnox said:

I really hope this is more then just wii sports/sports champions 2 with familiar PlayStation characters, mind you the graphics do look pretty awesome.



rjejr said:

Who thought this would be a 3-D action platformer? You can tell from the videos it's going to be the equivalent of B grade celebritys living together on a reality TV show. Not so say it won't be fun - most of those Rabbids games are fun for what they are - but this never looked like a "real" game to me.

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