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Nyko Set to Support PlayStation Move with Both Barrels

Posted by James Newton

Gunning for success

You can never have too many plastic guns for PlayStation Move, with accessory creators Nyko bringing two new attachments to the controller in the near future.

The more interesting of the pair is the Power Shot, a rifle-style design not unlike Sony's official Sharp Shooter. Holding both the Navigation and Move controller, it's possible to change the configuration to suit left or right-handed gamers, with a sight, stock and spring-loaded trigger rounding out the package.

If you're after something a bit more pistol-y, the Perfect Shot might be a better choice. Designed to be held easily in one hand, it appears to be based on the popular Perfect Shot for Wii, with a new battery-operated rumble feature.

The Power Shot is set to launch in February to coincide with Killzone 3, with the Perfect Shot following a month later in March.

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lipnox said:

too bad it looks like the part that holds the nav controller bends making it useless for support. mind you it does look cool. perfect shot looks awesome but unless its going to add alot of weight to the handle part its also pointless unless you plan on holding the gun 2 handed like they do in resident evil games.

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