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New No More Heroes Shots Show Leather, Beam Swords, Gimps

Posted by James Newton

All bases covered

Konami recently released a batch of new screenshots for the upcoming Move-compatible port of No More Heroes: Heroes's Paradise, Grasshopper Manufacture's ode to otaku everywhere, and the game is shaping up very nicely indeed.

The story of Travis Touchdown's attempt to rise to number one in the assassin league, the PS3 port will be compatible with Move or DualShock 3, meaning greatly enhanced control over Travis's iconic beam katana. The new shots show off the kind of bizarre humour and offbeat style Suda51 and his Grasshopper team are infamous for, with much improved textures, facial expressions and, of course, gimps.

There's currently no confirmed release date from Konami but we'll have it for you as soon as it's announced.

Game Screenshots

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Shugo said:

Looking good, but why does it show an actual photographed Move controller on the in-game prompts? That kind of breaks the 8-bit style the UI is going for. I hope they change that later down the line.

And am I reading this right? It'll ONLY work with Move? That doesn't make any sense; the Japanese PS3 version supports DualShock 3s so why wouldn't this at least have the option for it? I think you must be mistaken.



NathanUC said:

I have no idea what this game is all about.. but I know I want it.. badly



Slapshot said:

Its a disc based game and at one time it was considered a "Move Only Game", but thankfully it will now incorporate Dualshock 3 and not leave anyone behind.

Instant buy for me here as well.



Big_Gamer said:

If this gives us Europeans the bloody version Im all for buying it again, otherwise not so much



djperkyuk said:

good game this, had it for my wii before i traded in for ps3. Can't wait to play this version



lipnox said:

I bought this game day 1 for my wii when It came out and I truely loved it. Only downside was the freeroam aspect and the lack of any option to repeat previously completed missions. My main curiosity about this title is whether it plans on using the exact same style of controls (hold controller facing down for low attacks facing up for high attacks) and wether they've found a way to make the freeroam aspect... better. I know repeatable levels has been added in this version but thats about it when it comes to my knowledge about the game.

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