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First Modern Combat: Domination Trailer Shoots to Thrill

Posted by James Newton

It's bullet time

PlayStation Network is about to get a whole lot explosiver when Gameloft's Modern Combat: Domination lands later this month. The first trailer below not only shows the game in action, but also shows how it's going to turn players into polite young men rather than the foul-mouthed gamers we've all encountered in online deathmatches.

The trailer mentions an $8 price point, which certainly seems a steal for an online multiplayer first-person shooter, and we'll have a full review shortly after the game captures the PlayStation Store.

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SilentJ said:

I believe Playstation Plus subscribers can get it for $5.99 so I just may have to get this.



lipnox said:

is this online only or is there any split screen or offline options?



Slapshot said:

It's an online FPS game that does do a few new thing that are pretty cool.

If the minimum of players doesn't fill up the match roster, bots can be applied to fill up the roster.

Also, you start off with a pistol in every match and earn money by getting kills to buy new weapons at the time of death. Only when you do indeed die, you loose the weapon you bought and leveling up will grant you access to buy better weapons, so grabbing downed enemies weapons and playing defensively will be crucial here. It's a cool new addition to the genre that starts every match out on a level playing field, regardless of rank.

I think it's a pretty straight forward online FPS, so I doubt there will be any split screen or offline options, but that is just a guess. The cheap asking price is quite nice as well.



lipnox said:

if bots can be applied to fill roster could you essentially create a private game with only yourself and have the bots fill in the empty spots?



Slapshot said:

@Lipnox.... Exactly what I was thinking

I wouldn't over expect anything here, but at the same time I wouldn't under estimate the game either. Even if the options are limited somewhat, it could still turn out to be a fun title for a small asking price. Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West is a fun small Online Shooter that is fun to pick up and put down quickly.

Expecting Modern Warfare 2 for $8 is a bit much, but if it offers a solid online experience thats fun, even in short burst, I think that is warrant enough to grant a $8 purchase.



din_djinn said:

I'm in, day one, I suspect. Wonder how many maps there will be. Could be boring quickly if there are only like 2 maps.



Slapshot said:

@din_skin.... It has 5 or 6 maps and multiple game modes out the door. I expect map packs in the near future will add to that though.



Madgame said:

This could be a lot more important that a fun shooter. If a dumbed-down $8.00 online FPS shooter takes off and does very well, this could have serious implications on expectations and competition for full-games.

Just wild speculation at this point.



Terra said:

Interesting, I'm not one for FPS' normally but for a low price I'd be willing to have a bash at it



y2josh said:

Even for the PS+ price I will still wait on the review from Move Modo



lipnox said:

once i get a confirmation i can play against bots as long as I am able to connect to PSN like in call of duty black ops then I'll buy it.

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